Who am I

My name is Paolo Alessandro Alì. I am a yoga teacher and psychologist. My relationship with yoga began when I was 8 years old, when I started practicing meditation and Yoga Nidra. I started almost for fun, reading manuals and books given by my parents. Only after many years I started practicing yoga under the guidance of teachers. At the age of 18 I approached Tantra yoga and began a more dynamic practice. At the age of 20 I started practicing Anusara® yoga. In 2022 I completed the 200-hours teacher training and became a Hatha Yoga teacher with Anusara Elements. I also perfected my knowledge of Yoga Nidra with an additional 50-hours course.

Kalagni Studio

Kalagni Studio is an online yoga studio. Kalagni is a Sanskrit term consisting of two words. Kala (काल) means time, while agni (अग्नि) means fire. Both terms have very deep philosophical meanings. Time is one of the building blocks of reality, and it is itself a manifestation of Shiva, of the supreme Consciousness. Fire is a physical representation of the light of Consciousness. Kalagni therefore means "Fire of Time", and it is one of the names with which Shiva is identified. Kalagni represents the sacrificial fire which purifies reality by destroying it, giving start to a new cycle of rebirths. I chose this powerful name, since yoga is a powerful instrument. Yoga is a functional instrument for breaking down and cyclically recreating our awareness. Yoga is revolutionary. Through it we can reconnect with the Whole and change different aspects of our life.